Australians Can Purchase Or Sell Trucks Online

People in Australia can read online websites that sell trucks online. Sites such as Truckdealers Australia offer trucks for sale by dealers and purchase trucks from individuals. They also have truck auctions and can finance purchases. Industrial and farm use trucks can be viewed online before purchase. These websites have dealer location software that helps buyers locate dealers in their area that have the type of truck they are looking for.

Finding A Dealer Online

Customers can go to the site and find truck dealers near them. Dealers are listed by state, by name, and by postcode.A customer can also click on a state on the map and see all the dealers in that area. Buyers can input the exact type of vehicle they are looking for and get a list of dealerships that carry it. The website also has listings for truck parts, brand new vehicles, and used vehicles. Trucks for use in building trades, agriculture, and earth moving are listed by type.

Other Products And Services

The website also has auctions once a month with trucks, machinery, and trailers for sale. It has become the largest online auction for road transport, construction, and farm equipment in Australia. Once a customer has chosen a product to purchase, they can search the site for insurance options and finance choices. There are easy forms online for customers to fill out to apply for financing or insurance.

Customers can purchase new or used trucks of many types, trailers that are new or used, parts for vehicles that are new or used, and truck tyres. The site is a clearing house for Australian dealers and customers. The site also arranges purchases of customer vehicles at fair prices. A person can sell an existing truck before purchasing a newer or better version of that truck.


Financing can be arranged by filling out a simple online form. A minimum of documents are required and the decision comes quickly. There are also rent-to-own options and startup options to inquire about. This type of equipment is expensive and many small business owners need help to obtain large trucks to grow their business. For additional information, visit the website.