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Dog crates are sold in various shapes and sizes. However, it is not the shapes that really matter but the dog crates sizes. The crate can be regarded as your pet’s den. Dogs have this natural need to have a den. Having said that, it can be concluded that a crate can be the dog’s shelter. In this case, the crate should be enough to make the dog feel comfortable and protected.

So what is really the important factor to consider when choosing the size of the crate. There is no hard and fast rule for this. obviously it is the purpose of the crate and the needs of the dog that will weigh the heaviest.

Technically, you would want to start with your dog’s size and weight and to learn how to measure that there are helpful resources that you can find on the internet. Then after taking the measurements of your pet, you can also use the internet to find suggestions on the right crate. Ideally the height of the crate should be 2-4 inches more than the dog’s when he is standing on all fours. For dog’s with erect ears, the ears must be included. For the width of the crate, the full size or length of the dog’s tail is not considered. Just take the measurement that starts at the dog’s nose to the base of his or her tale. Then add 2-4 inches to that width. you may have to add a couple of inches more if the dog has thick tail. The dog’s heigh while sitting should also be taken into consideration. If ever it would be somehow impossible to take the measurements of the dog, the owner can ask the manufacturer of dog crates or the dog’s doctor for a recommendation.

Needless to say the tips above should give pet owners a better idea on dog crate sizes. Keep in mind that general rules on dog crates may not apply to all dogs. You should consider your very reason for having a dog crate as well as your pet’s needs.

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