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What You Need to Know About Vintage Furniture

Do you know the real essence of a vintage furniture? Vintage furniture means any piece of furniture that is aged thirty to one hundred years. A vintage furniture should define a style of a particular period such as Eames chair, and not only because it is old that it’s called “vintage”. Just keep in mind that a vintage furniture should possess the characteristics of a particular era and it doesn’t need to be manufactured by a well-known company or designed by a famous furniture designer. Vintage furniture are rare today and even those that were originally mass-produced are not that seen anymore.

Having vintage furniture gives your home a unique style and individuality. Vintage category covers different decades and eras, and when you decorate your home using these pieces, either you can choose pieces for one era or make a good combination. You can buy vintage furniture with better quality than a new furniture. Vintage furniture are earth-friendly because it is a way of reusing it and off-gassing is finished, making it healthier for your home. You can buy vintage furniture from different sources such as hand offs from older family members, estate sales, live auctions, edgy retail stores, online stores, and auction websites. In order to preserve your vintage furniture, you need to keep your home cleaner because even a little dust may cause it to look dirty. You can apply finishing to your vintage furniture but avoid paints or coatings that can mask the true appearance of the piece.

It is important to clean and wax your vintage furniture to preserve its elegance and beauty. Never use any spray furniture cleaning agents on your vintage furniture. Doing so will leave a residue. Any rough product should be avoided because it can scratch the vintage furniture. When it comes to wax application, you need to apply high-quality wax for your vintage and antique furniture such as beeswax. Use a soft cloth like cheesecloth for waxing. When applying wax, don’t use too much wax, only apply a thin coat and waxing should only be done at least once a year. For metal hardware or ornamentation like ormolu, keyholes or brass knobs, and other decorations, don’t use anyway because you may just damage the wood underneath so just dust them or you can polish them separately.

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